Book Mail!

Hello bookworms! It’s Shivani! Recently I’ve been super into some new releases that have come out and are coming out this year, and I was kind enough to be sent some amazing books to review. Without further ado, let’s get into those books!

This first book I received from Simon and Schuster, so thank you to them. This book is actually a little old and was released November of 2017.

The Impossible Fortress by Jason Rekulak: I read the description of this book and was intrigued by it. I got Ready Player One vibes, and I really enjoyed that book when I read it. Other than that, one of the characters is a nerd, relatable, and it ties into a love interest and coming of age story which I also enjoy. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to pick it up soon, so look out for a review!

Next I got this book from Flatiron books, so thank you to them! This book came out June of 2018, so fairly recently.

One Summer Day in Rome by Mark Lamprell: This books seems like the perfect summer read with it taking place in Rome. I also love that it’ll be talking about three different stories that will eventually intertwine with one another. I think books that do this well are a joy to read. Plus, the cover is gorgeous!

Last, but not least, I’m also very excited for this book. I wasn’t expecting this one, so it was such a sweet surprise to get it in the mail. I received an ARC of this book from St. Martin’s Press; thank you so much for sending me this book! This book’s release date is on August 21, 2018 so you all should keep your eyes out for it!

Rush by Lisa Patton: This book combines the history of Sorority rushing with women empowerment which is such a great combination. For those of you who didn’t know, I’ll be going into my Sophomore year of college. I’m not in a sorority because my college doesn’t have them, however, I find them fascinating, and I know a lot of people from my high school who are in them. I do like to have a little history on current day things so I’m super excited to begin this book.

Those are all the books I’ve received recently. What books are you guys excited for in the rest of 2018? Do any of these books sound interesting to you? Let me know in the comments below!

Keep on reading!




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