Favorite BookTubers

Hello bookworms! It’s Shivani! Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite Booktubers that I watch. I got into Booktube a few years ago, and honestly, it really compels me to read more, which is great! This list is in no particular order, I watch all of these Booktubers probably equally enough. Let’s get into it!

  1. A Clockwork Reader: I just love Hannah. She just seems like the sweetest person ever and listening to her talk about books is quite relaxing. She has a really soothing voice, but you can tell she loves to talk about books. A lot of the books she recommends I end up reading and loving and I just love her channel as a whole.
  2. abookutopia: SASHA! I’m pretty sure Sasha was the first BookTuber I ever found before I got so far into BookTube. I love her excitement and her descriptions of books. She is always so full of energy and creative spirits, I always look forward to her videos. Not only that, but in all honesty, her life is my life goals. She owns thousands of books, she owns two dogs, and she gets to travel to so many beautiful countries. Oh, and she’s published a New York Best Time Seller. Role model for sure.
  3. Book Roast: She is literally the sweetest, most creative Booktuber I have stumbled upon. She’s made her own Readathon based on Harry Potter, and comes up with the most unique video ideas. I don’t think she gets enough credit for the amount of effort she puts into her videos. You should definitely check her out, especially if you love Harry Potter, fantasy, or anything whimsical and creative.
  4. BookaflixTaylor: I discovered Taylor when she was first starting out. There’s something really cool about watching someone’s channel grow and seeing them become more confident in front of a camera. She is super sweet, but also honest and does a great job talking about the books she reads. If you’re looking for a smaller channel to go support, you should subscribe to her!
  5. clarareadsbooks: Clara’s channel is not super different than other BookTubers, there’s lots of Tags, Book Hauls, Wrap Ups, etc. All things I love and enjoy, which is why I like her channel. Also, there’s something about her personality that sets her apart from other BookTubers and its just really nice to hear her talk about books.
  6. Riley Marie: Riley is honestly the best. I swear, she’s the best at recommending romance, and I like almost all the same types of books as her. She’s funny and down to earth. She talks about contemporary, romance, and fantasy for the most part, which are all genres I love. Also, she always looks on point, so that’s a bonus.
  7. readbyzoe: Another big favorite of mine is Zoe! She reads a lot of classics and contemporaries, plus she does a lot of traveling/studying aboard. I know she’s in London right now which is one of my favorite countries.
  8. PeaceLoveBooksxo: Jess has a really cool channel as well. I used to be obsessed with it a year or two ago, and still watch her videos consistently. She is a lover of romance books, so that’s mainly what she talks about. She also mentions how she’s an English teacher, and different book sales and authors she meets around where she lives.
  9. PeruseProject: Reagan is a QUEEN. She has the best book recommendations, has great book synopses when she talks about books, she has an amazing sense of style, because she’s into both books and fashion (which I am as well, I have this blog and my blog Just A Ordinary Girl that’s more lifestyle/college related if you want to check it out). She’s also moved a few times so she talks about how to move when you own a lot of books etc.
  10. Hailey In Bookland: If you love fairytales and retellings, you will love Hailey’s channel. The majority of what she talks about are these kind of books. She also works at a bookstore so she’s pretty knowledgeable about new and upcoming books, plus she’s from Canada, so I learn a lot about Canadian books and authors on her channel as well.
  11. Jbooklover: Jacqueline is amazing. She’s super honest and open on her channel and always gives really great reviews and feedback on books. Her bookshelf is super colorful and fun just like her personality, and she uploads pretty consistently now. I always look forward to watching her videos and listening to her recommendations. Her book hauls are the most entertaining to watch.
  12. NayaReadsandSmiles: Naya has the brightest, bubbliest, and most excitable personality I’ve ever seen. The best part is how genuine she is in everything she talks about. Her spirit always puts me in a good mood and I can’t help but smile every time I watch her videos. She has a majority of book related videos, but sometimes also throws in some life updates and vlogs which are just as much fun to watch.
  13. emmmabooks: Emma is one of the OG booktubers that I’ve watched. She’s really great at mental health and disorder related book recommendations and only recommends ones she feels are most accurate to her. She’s really open on her channel and answers all her subscribers questions on how sponserships, ARCs, and other company related things work on her channel and with other Booktubers. She doesn’t hide the fact that she participates in these things, but more educates her subscribers on exactly what happens and how she always gives her reviews based on her honest opinion. Also, she loves the Shadowhunters series and Cassandra Claire a lot, so if you do too, you’ll love her channel.
  14. jessethereader: I love Jesse! He’s super funny and I love everything about his channel. He has really cool formats in which he does different types of videos and I love his quirky videos in which he tries out different bookish goodies to see if they’re worth getting and using. He can be super dramatic and full of emotions, but honestly, I love that about him because it’s entertaining for me to watch, plus I still get great recommendations out of it!
  15. Katherine’s Reads: Katherine just has a really cool aesthetic to her channel that I really enjoy. I enjoy all the different kinds of videos she does including Bookhauls, TBRs and Wrap Ups, and even vlogs. She’s really cool and I think quite underrated, so you guys should check her out!


Let me know in the comments below some more Booktubers you guys love that I should check out! Also, like this post if you want to see a Part 2 to this and I can make a series. I could do underrated Booktubers, favorite YA booktubers, etc.

I hope you have a great rest of your day. Keep on reading!



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