Summer Travel Book Challenge

Hey guys,  so I wanted to make a reading challenge for myself for over the summer, and that’s where the Summer Travel Book Challenge was created in my mind. It’s going to last from June to August which is all of summer. I’m going to be traveling to India, but I still want to take books to read, so without further ado, here are the challenges:

Summer Travel Book Challenge:
(June to August)

  1. Read a book that takes you on a road trip.
  2.  Read a book that takes place in a different country.
  3.  Read a timeless classic that will stay in your heart no matter where you are in the world.
  4. . Read a book you’ve been meaning to read, but keep putting off.
  5.  Read a book with a heart stopping romance.
  6.  Read a book that takes place in the location you’re traveling to, or wish to travel to. (City, State, Country, etc.)
  7.  Read a book by your favorite author.
  8.  Read a fairy tale retelling or spin off.
  9. Read a book that you solely want to read based on it’s cover or synopsis on the book.
  10.  Read any book you want to read before summer is over.

I’m going to be making my TBR for this Reading Challange in the end of May because I plan on buying some books before then, and I might want to have those books as one of my Reading Challenge books. Look out for it though, because it will happen very soon!

Happy Reading!

Shivani Chaudhary


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