Escaping Perfect Book Review

Book: Escaping Perfect

Release date: March 29, 2016
 Pages: 336
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Source: Publisher – Review Copy

Summary:Gone Girl meets the TV show Nashville in this sultry summer read about a girl who runs away from her high-profile past to live the normal life she’s always wanted.

Cecilia Montgomery has been America’s sweetheart since the day she was born. A member of the prestigious Montgomery family—the US equivalent of royalty—her childhood was cut short after she was nearly kidnapped. Since then, Cecilia has been hidden away, her adolescence spent at an exclusive boarding school.

Her dreams of becoming a professional violinist—dashed.

Her desire to be a normal teenager—not possible.

Her relationship with her once-loving parents—bitter and strained.

Nothing about Cecilia’s life is what she would have planned for herself. So when an opportune moment presents itself, Cecilia seizes the chance to become someone else. To escape. To disappear. To have the life she always dreamed about, far away from her mother’s biting remarks and her sheltered upbringing.

Cecilia says goodbye to the Montgomery name and legacy to become Lia Washington: relaxed, wild, in love, free, and living on her own terms for the very first time. But being on your own isn’t always as easy as it seems…


 My Thoughts: Since I’ve been very into contemporary and romance lately, I decided I wanted to read this book. The plot sounded intriguing, and I really wish I could have loved it more. I might have had great expectations, but there were some things that I really didn’t love about this book. The main character Cecilia, over the course of the book, has so many talents or things she’s good at, and she comes off as a character who is God-like. It’s as if she didn’t have any flaws. Maybe if she hadn’t been so perfect, I might have had an easier time sympathizing for her loss. The other characters were pretty flat as well. As a reader I didn’t learn too much about them other than what was at surface level. Even the romance that was happening, it’s just not something I would have preferred. As for the concept of the book, that was another thing I wanted to like, but couldn’t get myself too. The fact that Cecilia stole a limo, and just carries a wad of money with her everywhere she goes is quite unrealistic. So was almost everything falling together so easily and perfectly. However, this book did have some good qualities as well. I enjoyed the locations of scenes and the feeling the different settings throughout the book gave me. Going to concerts, and the Fun Run were definitely some of my favorites. I loved the atmospheres created and then there was of course the ending, which leaves you on a cliffhanger. I actually liked the cliffhanger because the tension and fear was illustrated in the characters so well that it just seemed like the right place where the moment should be frozen. Overall, I thought this book is pretty average. I might read it again, but I’m not so sure.
I would like to thank Simon Pulse for sending me a copy of this book, it is highly appreciated!
Writing: 10/10
Characters: 3/10
Plot: 7/10
Ending: 9/10
Originality: 8/10
Overall: 33/50
Cover: 8/10

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