Strangers in Vienna Book Review

Book: Strangers in Vienna

Release date: May 15, 2015
 Pages: EBook
Publisher: Smashwords Edition
Source: Cleanreads Publisher


Demi, from an insignificant beat up town in Missouri, is finishing up her senior year with no plans for the future. Her stepmother sends her off to Vienna to stay with a distant uncle for a week so that she can distract herself from her father’s death. Curious about what Austria can offer her, she sets off to explore the city of Krems an der Donau; however, things take a turn when the police accidentally mistaken her for a thief. In a panicked state, Demi runs off with a stranger named Alaric, who backpacks around Europe as a freelance violinist. When Demi finally returns home to Missouri, she realizes her heart was left in Austria with her soul stuck in the past.
 My Thoughts:
Before I begin, as you can tell, I requested this ebook from the Clean Reads Publisher,so thank you again for the opportunity! I think this was a pretty good book, a quick and easy read. I enjoyed the scenery and feeling of the characters, especially Demi when she was in Austria. It felt really magical running off with her and enjoying the adventures Austria had to offer. I did feel at times that the main character was too realistic. She said anything and everything on her mind, which I didn’t love too much. I feel like I would probably liked this book when I was in middle school. I enjoyed the realistic characters because you understood what the characters thought, and that they had far from perfect lives, which seems to be the case in a lot of books, and I’m glad that this book was different in that way. The romance was something I enjoyed a lot! I loved how mischievous, fun, and crazy it was. You kind of got lost in it, and I really loved that. The middle got a little slow, but it was made up at the end for sure. This book made me fall in love with traveling, and stepping out of your comfort zone, and I would recommend it, but probably to younger readers.
Writing: 6/10
Characters: 8/10
Plot: 8/10
Ending: 9/10
Originality: 7/10
Overall: 38/50
Cover: 9/10

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