1984 Book Review

Book: 1984

Release date: July 1, 1950 (First Published: June 18, 1949)
 Pages: 298
Publisher: New American Library
Source: Amazon
The year 1984 has come and gone, but George Orwell’s prophetic, nightmarish vision in 1949 of the world we were becoming is timelier than ever. 1984 is still the great modern classic of “negative utopia” -a startlingly original and haunting novel that creates an imaginary world that is completely convincing, from the first sentence to the last four words. No one can deny the novel’s hold on the imaginations of whole generations, or the power of its admonitions -a power that seems to grow, not lessen, with the passage of time.
 My Thoughts:
I had to read this book for class as well, but I would’ve read it eventually anyway, since of course it is known as the Great American Classic. I really enjoyed the plot of the book. There were a lot of shocking moments, and twists that I honestly didn’t expect at all. The book has a very ominous, creepy vibe about it, and it fits the message that’s meant to get across, however, there are times that I had to take a break and put it down. This was because of the explicitly of the book, as well as my anger of course to the environment and society that is being built. Usually I am all for comparing a book to real life, but after reading this book, and gaining an understanding, it terrifies me to to see the link. A few of the characters really got on my nerves, and made me want to pull my hair out. It’s hard for me to deal with unintelligent people in books who can’t see that a whole society is being changed around them, and yet they continue to be drones and live that lifestyle. Overall, it was a very written book, but probably not something I would read on a regular. You need the patience and right timing to read it.
Writing: 8.5/10
Characters: 9/10
Plot: 10/10
Ending: 10/10
Originality: 10/10
Overall: 47.5/50
Cover: 6/10

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