Home to the Cowboy Review

Book: Home to the Cowboy

Release date: August 6, 2013
 Pages: 224
Publisher: Harlequin
Source: Library Sale
 Her Heart Never Left

It seems as if all of Ramblewood, Texas, is far too up-to-date on Tess Dalton’s love life, or rather, recent lack thereof. She thought the trip home would help heal her heart, instead it just put her face-to-face with the first man to crush it.

Cole Langtry is determined to fulfill his father’s dream of building an equine-assisted therapy facility on Bridle Dance Ranch. He doesn’t have time for distractions, especially of the heartbreaking brunette variety. What he and Tess once had should stay in the past.

But when one remarkable little girl finally brings Tess and Cole together, it’s hard to remember why they’re apart. They’ve never backed down from a challenge before, but facing their true feelings for each other might be the ultimate test.

 My Thoughts:
I just recently finished this book, and I wasn’t aware it was the second book in a series. Thankfully, it’s a series that you don’t necessarily read in order, which is nice. I appreciated the idea of the book, because it was different from other romances I’ve read. I thoroughly enjoyed the encounters between the two main characters. I also appreciated how there wasn’t just fluff through the whole thing. The romance was front and center, but the characters had real problems going on as well, and they did regular human like things like eat cereal for breakfast, etc. I got frustrated with a few of the characters at times because of the way they decided to handle certain situations, but for the most part, they were well rounded. The setting and scenery that the book took place in really appealed to me. It seemed cozy and familiar, and not crowded and congested with too many things going on. This book captured my attention the whole time. I was looking for a cowboy based romance, and I was satisfied with this read.
Writing: 9/10
Characters: 10/10
Plot: 8/10
Ending: 8/10
Originality: 9/10
Overall: 44/50
Cover: 7/10

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